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Show more Show less. The yellow line was the sixth to be completed, covering the route over Duero River between Porto and Vila de Gaia. Take a look at our detailed itineraries, guides and maps to help you plan your trip to Porto. Ouvert en 2002, il comprend actuellement environ 78 km de voies et six lignes. Everyone on the same page. Lost and found. It is 16.7 kilometers (10.4 miles) and has 21 stations. Livraria Lello & Irmão. Line E (purple) runs every 20 minutes during weekdays, and around every half an hour on weekends and holidays. There are 16 stations extending 9.2 kilometers (5.7 miles) and the total trip takes about 25 minutes. Between 1994 and 1999, the approval phase of the network, awarding of contracts, approval of credits and other legal aspects were fulfilled. In December 2004, the blue line completed its second year of operation with a record number of 9.8 million riders, a 65.2% increase from 2003. Même si Porto est une ville que l'on peut parfaitement parcourir à pied, il y a certains lieux pour lesquels il est indispensable d’emprunter les transports en commun, en particulier si vous arrivez en avion ou que vous souhaitez connaître toutes les zones de la ville. Vous pouvez ouvrir, télécharger et imprimer ... - plan metro porto à imprimer - … Retrouvez toutes les attractions touristiques, lieux utiles, intéressants ou importants sur notre plan de Porto. Stations: 6. The Rotterdam Metro (Dutch: Rotterdamse metro) is a rapid transit system operated in Rotterdam, Netherlands and surrounding municipalities by RET.The first line, called Noord – Zuidlijn (North – South line) opened in 1968 and ran from Centraal Station to Zuidplein, crossing the river Nieuwe Maas in a tunnel. In 2017, the Porto Metro surpassed its record of 60 million customers. Passengers to/from stations between Trindad and Estádio do Dragão must therefore transfer to/from other lines at Trindad. There are 6 lines, 81 stations and a 67-kilometer (42-mile) route. Stations: The Blue Line (A) is extended between Trindade and Estádio del Dragáo with the opening of the stations, Bolhão, El Campo 24 de Agosto de Heroísmo, Campanhã and Estádio do Dragão. If you consider that the information we provide is wrong, not accurated, outdated, translation contains errors, and you would like to help us to improve the can contact us here: moc.ortem-apam@ofni. Facile et pratique. Plan de Porto avec tous les monuments, musées et points d'intérêt de la ville. Plan de métro parisien. The first official shipyard installation in Campanhã was completed and the process of shareholder restructuring was finalized in 1999. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for all the best tips about travelling to Portugal. Even if it’s your first time in a city, all you need is to follow the map to know where you’re going. click for Fullsize. Campanhã, Heroísmo, Campo 24 de Agosto, Bolhão, Trindade, Lapa, Carolina Michaelis, Casa da Música, Francos , Ramalde , Viso, Sete Bicas, Senhora da Hora, Fonte do Cuco, Cândido dos Reis, Pias, Araújo, Custió, Parque Maia, Fórum Maia , Zona Industrial, Mandim, Castêlo da Maia, Ismai. Stations: There are 23 stations extending 15.6 kilometers (9.7 miles) The line is also known by the name Matosinhos. These tests were completed over the course of 19 weeks along routes that totaled 100 thousand kilometers (62,137 miles). It crosses the river from north to south. L’axe principal du réseau central est Trindade, par lequel passent toutes les lignes. Plan de transport en commun amsterdam. Fânzeres , Venda Nova, Carreira, Baguim, Campainha, Rio Tinto, Levada, Nau Vitória, Nasoni, Contumil, Estádio do Dragão, Campanhã , Heroísmo, Campo 24 de Agosto, Bolhão, Trindade, Lapa, Carolina Michaelis, Casa da Música, Francos, Ramalde, Viso, Sete Bicas, Senhora da Hora. Customer support; Information request; Complaints; Suggestions; Registered office Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, 28 1069-095 Lisboa, Portugal Executive head office Estrada da … U kunt de kaart openen, downloaden of printen met een klik op de kaart hierboven of via deze link. Enter your mobile phone number to receive a direct link to download the app: Send … Les dimensions de cette carte à grande échelle de Porto - 3277 X 2341 pixels, taille du fichier - 1414189 Bytes. Y ou'll do most of your Porto sightseeing on foot, as most of the main sights are within walking distance. Consultez le plan metro de Paris et Ile-de-France, présentant le plan RATP du réseau de transport, les stations et les lignes. Porto Metro Train, Porto, Portugal. Signed out × Explore Maps Map Directory Contributors Add Map! Consultez le plan metro de Paris et Ile-de-France, présentant le plan RATP du réseau de transport, les stations et les lignes. Plan métro paris ratp. The network has 6 lines and reaches seven municipalities within the metropolitan Porto area: Porto, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Póvoa de Varzi… Line F is known as the Gondomar Line and it is distinguished by the color orange. The funicular railway travels from Batalha to Ribeira. Avenue of the Allies. 8. The New York City Subway is a rapid transit system in New York City, United States. Porto, Bus terminal is located about 3.64 km from the town centre, which is only a 13 minute drive. There are 6 lines extending 67 kilometers (42 miles) with a total of 81 stations. Here, one can enjoy over 20,000 titles portraying Portugal’s history. This line can be identified by the color green and travels from Campanhã to ISMAI. The Porto Metro consists of 81 stations located along 6 lines. Title: EUT_*_*_PMV_CMYK Created Date: 9/5/2019 11:47:05 AM A Yellow Line extension to connect Santo Ovídio and Vila d'Este stations to reach the Hospital de Gaia, is also planned. Bicycles are permitted within designated areas of the train to avoid disturbing other passengers. A sun … Line B (Red) is opened between Estádio do Dragão and Pedras Rubras station, making up 23 kilometers (14.3 miles) and allowing access to the Maia municipality. Consulter le plan (PDF 977.83 ko) Discover the Paris metro map. The route time is approximately 40 minutes and the train frequency is every 10 minutes. Service is available every day of the year. Refine your trip. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, this historic city center is accessible from the Porto Metro. Les rames circulent tous les jours de 6h à 1h du matin. X. Tourist map of central Porto, Portugal. In the third quarter of 2003, excavation of the Trindade/Bridge and Salgueiros/Trindade tunnels was completed and the Council of Ministers approved the Gondomar Line, the Boavista Line and an extension to Porto International Airport. From July 1, 2014, the Move Porto scheme sees … It covers 19.6 kilometers (12.2 miles) and includes 24 stations. › en › how-to-use-the-metro-of-porto Various tourist passes are available also if you plan to travel more frequently. Plan métro paris ligne 1. Porto is located in: Portugal, Porto, Porto. Interactive map of Porto with all popular attractions - Cais da Ribeira, Dom Luis Bridge, Church of São Francisco and more. 5. Surround Porto is a region of historic towns, stunning scenery and glorious beaches, which could easily extend a holiday to a week or more. Si vous avez acheté la Porto Card ou la Andante Tour, vous pouvez prendre le métro de manière illimitée sans payer de ticket. By using our service, you accept its use. Chaque ligne est identifiée par une lettre et une couleur. This was to be administered for five years by the ViaPorto Consortium. They are 35 meters (114.8 feet) and can hold up to 80 seated passengers. Un aller simple de métro coûte 1,20 € (1,40 US$). However, it can be distinguished by the exclusive routes it serves and the streets solely accessible by its vehicles. Disposant de peu de sections souterraines il ressemble aux métros légers allemands (Stadtbahn) ou prémétros belges. The frequency of services depends on the time of day and day of the week, … The trip is extremely short, just 3 minutes and the frequency is every 4 minutes. The Porto Metro consists of 81 stations located along 6 lines. Bon Plan Gratos. Porto Metro's trains are fast and frequent and the system is easy to use. Trouvez l’adresse qui vous intéresse sur la carte Porto ou préparez un calcul d'itinéraire à partir de ou vers Porto, trouvez tous les sites touristiques et les restaurants du Guide Michelin dans ou à proximité de Porto. Porto Campanhã is the main station, used by the fast trains to/from Lisbon. We'll find the best routes and schedules. Up to 50% off. The municipalities, accessible by the Porto Metro include: Porto in Zone C1, Gondomar in Zone C8, Vila Nova de Gaia in Zone S8, Póvoa de Varzim in Zone N°3, Matosinhos in Zone C3, Vila do Conde and Maia in Zone C5. The network of electric historical tramcars of STCP, SA - Porto Tram City Tour – constitutes an inescapable ex-libris of Oporto city. Get your guidebooks, travel goods, even individual chapters, right here. Date. Andante Tour Ticket is valid on all STCP Buses, other selected bus lines, metro light rail and urban trains. The airport station is on the red line, while downtown and the tourist center are found at the end of the blue and green lines. Trains and platforms are equipped to facilitate use by disabled and vision-impaired riders, including individuals with color blindness who need assistance selecting the appropriate route. … Planifiez votre voyage avec notre plan de Porto interactif. Carte de tourisme : Lieux du guide de Porto … Batalha Ribeira. Construction begins on the Orange Line between Estádio del Dragáo and Fânzeres in March. Porto São Bento is right inside the old town, and is a beautiful station worth a visit in its own right. This is a contactless chip card (riders can simply pass through entry points with it in their baggage, rather than taking the card out to be scanned). Coffee table looking bare? Retrouvez les lieux intéressants de Porto sur une carte détaillée : Monuments, musées, parcs, hébergements, bars, cafés et lieux où sortir. The Porto Cathedral built in the thirteenth century, The Clérigos Church: Built in baroque style with 225 steps leading to its 75-meter (246-foot) high tower, The Pálacio de la Bolsa: Built in the mid-nineteenth century in neoclassical style with an extensive Arab Room inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, The Museum of Contemporary Art: 13,000 square meters (139,931 square feet), composed of granite and stucco and containing contemporary works of art, Serralves Park: The city’s green space, filled with gardens, greenhouses and farm animals, Playa de Matosinhos: The beautiful beach where people skate, play and enjoy a large variety of restaurant options, The Porto shopping center: Filled with shops and cafes, The Lello and Irmao bookstore: Located on Rua de las Carmelitas Nº144 and famous for being the inspiration for some Harry Potter scenes. The central system’s main corridor is Trindade through which all the lines pass. Over deze kaart De afmetingen van deze metro kaart van Porto - 330 x 989 pixels, file size - 15937 bytes. The opening of the Funicular dos Guindais created a connection from the riverside area of Ribeira to Batalha. Autobus. The Orange Line (F) is inaugurated in January. Sales network; Occasional journeys; Frequent journeys; Discounts; Request for invoice; Informing . It travels through the Do Condo region. It was the first metro system to open in the Netherlands. Advertisement. If the daily limit of 12 hours is exceeded, there is an additional cost of €0.30 ($US 0.34) for every 15 minutes. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, the metro partners with the program, Move Porto and the schedule expands to 24 hours on Lines A (Blue) and D (Yellow). It’s also the cheapest way to travel from and to Lisbon Airport.. Email . It runs from Fânzeres to Senhora da Hora. A ticket should be purchased prior to boarding the metro and failure to do so will result in a fine of €77 ($US 87.86). The Porto Metro operates for 18 continuous hours from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Monthly subscription - Andante Card: Designed for frequent travelers, this card is personalized and can be reloaded according to the number of areas or zones that the rider frequents. Le métro de Porto compte 6 lignes et 81 stations. Train frequency is every 15 minutes. This line is distinguished by the color red and connects Estádio do Dragão to Póvoa de Varzim. This website uses third-party cookies for a better browsing experience. Customize it. We had a great stay in Porto, location is close to the public transport, restaurants and market just 5 minutes by walk. How to travel by metro in Porto. ATTENTION: New procedures for arriving and departing passengers, from 00h on 31 January. Getting around Porto by metro, bus, tram, and taxi Y ou'll do most of your Porto sightseeing on foot, as most of the main sights are within walking distance. Le Métro léger de Porto (Metro do Porto en portugais) est le réseau de métro léger de la ville de Porto, au Portugal. Hospital São João, IPO, Pólo Universitário, Salgueiros, Combatentes, Marquês, Faria Guimarães, Trindade, Aliados, São Bento, Jardim do Morro, General Torres, Câmara Gaia, João de Deus, D. João II, Santo Ovídio, Quinta do Cedro, Laborim, Hospital Santos Silva, Vila d'Este, Known as the Airport Line, this is distinguished by the color, violet and connects Estádio do Dragão station to the Airport. Plan gratuit Porto à télécharger gratuitement en PDF ou JPG pour imprimer - Carte, Gratuit, PDF, Plan, Porto, Portugal. de l'aéroport, une ligne directe la E qui vous emmenera directement au centre de Porto pour une modique somme de 2.60 euros !

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